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Your guide to the 2024 Boroondara City Council election

In an LGA that Labor members usually avoid, what will we see from Liberals, Greens and independents?

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Boroondara is not an LGA that Labor members usually contest. As of 2024, just three Labor-aligned councillirs (Mary Halikias-Byrnes, Kevin Chow and Steve Hurd) have been elected since 1996, and no Labor members are currently on council.

The Liberal Party has enjoyed steady support here, while the Greens have also attempted to further establish themselves in the area following their 2019 federal election campaign in Kooyong.

2020 election

At the 2020 election, the Greens had their first-ever Boroondara victory with Wes Gault elected in Glenferrie Ward, defeating incumbent Independent Labor councillor Steve Hurd. All elected Liberal members were endorsed by Burwood Liberals.

Elected councillors



Jim Parke (IND)


Felicity Sinfield (LIB)


Victor Franco (IND)


Wes Gault (GRN)


Di Gillies (IND)


Lisa Hollingsworth (LIB)


Jane Addis (IND)


Cynthia Watson (LIB)


Susan Biggar (IND)


Garry Thompson (LIB)


Nick Stavrou (LIB)


No by-elections have been required this council term, while two councillors have quit the Liberal Party.

In mid-2021, Solway Ward councillor Garry Thompson left the Liberals to sit as an independent.

This was confirmed to 6 News in February 2020: "[I] resigned from the Liberal Party midway through my Mayoral year in 2021".

6 News understands Lynden Ward councillor Lisa Hollingsworth also left the Liberals at around the same time as Thompson in 2021.


Unlike many other metropolitan Melbourne councils, Boroondara has never had multi-member wards, and as such the Local Government Act 2020 has little impact.

Riversdale Ward was created for the 2020 election, while all others were established at the inaugural election in 1996.

Retiring councillors


Asterisks (*) indicate an incumbent councillor, even if they are not contesting their current ward.

Bellevue Ward

  • TBA (Liberal)

  • TBA (Greens)

Cotham Ward

  • TBA (Liberal)

  • TBA (Greens)

Gardiner Ward

  • TBA (Liberal)

  • TBA (Greens)

Glenferrie Ward

  • TBA (Liberal)

  • Wes Gault (Greens)*

Junction Ward

  • TBA (Liberal)

  • TBA (Greens)

Lynden Ward

  • TBA (Liberal)

  • TBA (Greens)

Maling Ward

  • TBA (Liberal)

  • TBA (Greens)

Maranoa Ward

  • TBA (Liberal)

  • TBA (Greens)

Solway Ward

  • John Friend-Pereira (Greens)

Studley Ward

  • TBA (Liberal)

  • TBA (Greens)


Kew Independents and Hawthorn Independents, two "teal" groups involved in the 2022 Victorian state election, have offered to mentor Boroondara candidates. Whether this translates into formal endorsements (and subsequently how we at 6 News would categorise these candidates) remains to be seen as of April 2024.

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