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About us

Local Elections Australia was founded by 6 News Australia as a Twitter account in November 2023 to provide independent coverage of local government elections across all Australian states and territories (excluding the ACT which does not have local government).

This site includes reporting on candidates, election results, resignations and party affiliations, especially for councillors and candidates who describe themselves as 'independents' but are members of political parties.

What is 6 News?

6 News Australia is an independent streaming news channel, run by a team of young journalists. We were founded in 2019 by Leonardo Puglisi and have been featured in other media outlets across Australia and even overseas.

Although we're younger than other media, we have a record of reporting breaking news fast, accurately and covering stories that no one else does. Our interviews with Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese were watched by tens of thousands across the country, and we continue to break major stories every single day.

6 News is funded almost entirely by viewers, and you can become a supporter for just $4/month here.

You can watch 6 News live 24/7 here.

Is the information here accurate?

6 News has procedures and policies which strive for accuracy, and our record shows that. However, if you believe information on here − especially around party memberships − is inaccurate, please get in touch at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also message us on social media − just search for @6NewsAU.

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