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2028 Queensland local elections

25 March 2028

The next Queensland local elections will be held on 25 March 2028. There are 501 councillor positions up for grabs, and all 77 LGAs have directly-elected mayors.

The most notable of these elections, by far, is the one for Brisbane City Council, which has 26 wards of its own and is the largest LGA by population in Australia.

Labor and the Liberal Nationals endorse candidates in Brisbane, as do the Greens. Officially registered groups (in effect local parties) also run at the elections, and some have historically remained active throughout the council's term and for multiple elections.


  • Last elections: 2024

  • 77 LGAs

  • All mayors directly-elected

  • 22 councils use single-member wards

  • 54 councils are undivided

  • Only 1 (Ipswich) has two-member wards

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