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Your guide to the 2024 Port Phillip City Council election

Updated: May 14

Five different affiliations are already represented − will that change with a new electoral system?

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Port Phillip is a key LGA to watch at the 2024 Victorian local elections. In 2020, Labor, the Greens and Residents of Port Phillip (RoPP) endorsed candidates, while Independent Liberal and independent candidates were also successful.

The Greens were the first to confirm candidates in April 2024, while 6 News understands Labor will endorse again.

2020 election

Elected councillors


Louise Crawford (ALP)

Marcus Pearl (IND-LIB)

Katherine Copsey (GRN)

Tim Baxter (GRN)

Heather Cunsolo (IND)

Andrew Bond (IND-LIB)

Rhonda Clark (RoPP)

Peter Martin (ALP)

Christina Sirakoff (RoPP)

Copsey resignation

The only change to councillors was in November 2022 when Greens councillor Katherine Copsey resigned after being elected at the Victorian state election. She was replaced via a countback in Lake Ward by Labor member Robbie Nyaguy.

Ward changes

Like many other councils, Port Phillip is affected by the Local Government Act 2020, which has removed multi-member wards and replaced them with single-member wards across metropolitan Melbourne (excluding the City of Melbourne LGA).

Currently, there are three three-member wards, which will be abolished in favour of nine single-member wards:

  • Albert Park

  • Alma

  • Balaclava

  • Elwood

  • Lakeside

  • Montague

  • Port Melbourne

  • South Melbourne

  • St Kilda

Retiring councillors

6 News understands Andrew Bond (IND-LIB) and Rhonda Clark (RoPP) will not seek re-election.

Labor Party preselection remains ongoing, however it is understood all three Labor incumbents are seeking re-election.


Asterisks (*) indicate an incumbent councillor, even if they are not contesting their current ward.

Albert Park Ward

  • TBA (Labor)

  • Connor Slattery (Greens)

  • TBA (RoPP)

  • Marcus Pearl (Independent Liberal)*

  • Lauren Sherson (Independent Liberal)

Alma Ward

  • TBA (Labor)

  • TBA (Greens)

  • TBA (RoPP)

  • Justin Halliday (Independent)

Balaclava Ward

  • TBA (Labor)

  • Rachel Iampolski (Greens)

  • TBA (RoPP)

  • Alex Darton (Independent)

Elwood Ward

  • TBA (Labor)

  • Liliana Carranza (Greens)

  • TBA (RoPP)

Lakeside Ward

  • TBA (Labor)

  • Ivy Pierlot (Greens)

  • TBA (RoPP)

Montague Ward

  • TBA (Labor)

  • Ahmed Elsayed (Greens)

  • TBA (RoPP)

Port Melbourne Ward

  • TBA (Labor)

  • Richard Whitfield (Greens)

  • TBA (RoPP)

  • Heather Cunsolo (Independent)*

South Melbourne Ward

  • TBA (Labor)

  • Earl James (Greens)

  • TBA (RoPP)

St Kilda Ward

  • TBA (Labor)

  • Tim Baxter (Greens)*

  • TBA (RoPP)


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