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2025 Western Australian local elections

18 October 2025

The next Western Australian local elections will be held on 18 October 2025. WA has 137 LGAs, some with a tiny number of electors.


Uniquely for Australia, elections here are periodic and around half of all councillors will not be up for election until 16 October 2027. Although the previous elections were in 2023, almost all of these councillors were elected in 2021.

WA local elections are also officially more non-partisan than other states. However, Labor and Liberal members do contest and the Greens did endorse candidates in 2023. Members of the Animal Justice Party, Australian Christians and Sustainable Australia Party also successfully contested in 2023.

The 2023 elections were the first time optional preferential voting was used statewide, replacing first-past-the-post. Again, due to the periodic nature of these elections, it means almost all councillors seeking re-election in 2025 were elected under first-past-the-post.

Lord Mayor of Perth will not be contested in 2025. 


  • Last elections: 2023

  • 137 LGAs

  • Some mayors directly-elected, also called presidents

  • Optional preferential voting since 2023

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