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2025 Northern Territory local elections

23 August 2025

The next Northern Territory local elections will be held on 23 August 2025. The NT only has 17 LGAs, many of which cover remote communities and often have a combination of low turnout and uncontested races.

Turnout at the last elections across the territory was 57.49%. Labor and Country Liberal members often contest, while the Greens endorse candidates.

The NT is the only Australian state/territory where the Greens are yet to win a state or federal seat, having only had success at the local level so far. The party currently has one councillor in Darwin and another in Barkly, and also came close to winning a second in Darwin at the 2023 Lyons Ward by-election.


  • Last elections: 2021

  • 17 LGAs

  • Some mayors directly-elected

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